Our Objectives

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Aims and Objectives

We intend to build an ultra–modern complex in an environment specially adapted to the elderly. This will include:



I- The Senior Citizens' Center

The Senior Citizens Center (SCC) is designed principally as a Residential Day Care and Leisure Center with a maximum resident capacity of 100 and a daily visitors' accommodation capacity of 200. The age bracket for the centre is considered to be: from 60 years upwards.    
It will be open to all Elderly people, of both sexes, irrespective of creed, religion, and race , who for whatever reasons decide to make it home.

- As a semi-permanent accomodation to receive care;

- As a boarding facility for a determined period of time;

- As a leisure and recreational facility;

- As a service provider;

- As a resort to write their memoires for posterity

- Or simply a place to LAUGH AND SHINE.

The special vocation of the Center shall include but not limited to the following;

- The preservation of healthy living through the provision of adequate and appropriate eating habits.

- Integration of exercise, social occupation and leisure within a natural and beautiful landscape.

- Provision of immediate access to Good Geriatric Healthcare and Sanitation

- Facilitation of constant contact with family and friends within the African family context and beyond.

- Guarantee of prompt attention and follow up of the elderly with specific problems requiring assistance on a permanent or regular basis.

- Provide the forum and hence the opportunity for the society at large to benefit from the stockpile of encyclopaedic knowledge and wisdom of the elderly .

- Recruit and train people with the right frame of mind and calling to look after the elderly.

- Simply provide, on the basis of need and charity, care for the fortunate in society who reach this age bracket, need special care, but lack the means to accede to it.

- Provision of an exciting, inviting, and mutually beneficial entertainment center and environment specially tailored to the elderly within and without the home.

- Organization and management of special leisure tours outside the center for the elderly.

- Establish, within the center, a Geriatric Social Care Programme with the objective to constantly identify special individual needs of the elderly and design appropriate solutions for their follow up.

Considering that most elderly people are parents with many children (also parents themselves) who in spite of their good will do not find enough time to stay and look after their parents in a satisfactory manner, the SCC intends to bridge the gap by taking part of that responsibility in providing satisfactory care to these parents (in more ways than relations can) under the relations' sponsorship or otherwise.

In order to preserve, as much as possible, the homely spirit that derives from the familiar love of a parent, the GRC shall, where relevant, introduce specific culture-based programmes to keep its residents and visitors at home. In the same light, in order to encourage children, other relations and friends to visit and stay with their loved ones as often as possible and for as long as they desire, a small but comfortable Hotel/Residence facility shall be constructed as part of the Center, considering the fact that finding such accommodation in Bamenda even in ordinary times is becoming more and more difficult.

II- The Guest Reception Centre

The Guest Reception Center shall be the interface facility between the SCC and the outside world.

It shall host all and events related to the SCC facility in one way or the other that may not be conveniently held within the premises of the SCC itself.

These could include amongst others:
- Celebration of anniversaries, and memorials in honour of present and past Senior Citizens, Senior Citizens' Day, etc.

- Celebration of other events of a public nature: marriages, graduations, Book launches, Lectures, Conferences, etc. and

- Other public events.

Art exhibitions, Musical shows, Cultural, Drama and Theatrical presentations, etc.

Most especially, LAFTA shall provide an opportunity to show gratitude, love, warmth and care for the Ageing. This will preserve their dignity, making them still feel useful to the society.


- Encouraging intergenerational activities for mutual benefits, and at the same time making sure the rich african culture is not disrupted.


- Considering that LAFTA is a non-profit humanitarian organization, sustainable activities shall be carried out to subsidize its functioning cost, thus making it a well-structured, self-sufficient, and long-lasting institution. In addition, a biogas plant that will be available to process household, human, animal and other biodegradable wastes and thereof, generate biogas for cooking and electricity to power the LAFTA complex and interested neighbours.




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