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Due to the sloping terrain, the design is made of three levels linked by very gentle ramps which link the entire complex with corridors open halls and teraces. All within a large court yard, thus constituting a continuous and purpose-oriented merry-go-round  that takes the resident  or visitor from level to level and from activity to activity  in a  graceful, leisurely manner. At the centre of the open large green court yard, is the octagon centre, tribute to eighty, the age of accomplishment. The other facilities, namely the Restaurant, Library, conference room and infirmary are located in the middle floor, thus the vertical and the horizontal nature of the complex.

Notwithstanding the ease of circulation throughout the habitat, it is expected that the semi-basement level and the first floor shall be reserved for those members of the community with less or no problems of mobility. The ground floor shall be reserved for the more disadvantaged persons, in all aspects.

The Guest reception component borrows generously on this concept thereby achieving harmony for the entire complex.

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