Implementation Strategies

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         The promoter of the LAFTA project, Elizabeth MAKWANG MOFOR given her faith in the project is prepared to sacrifice all her wealth and energies for the successful implementation of the project. Ofcourse, all her wealth and energies alone will never be enough to bring LAFTA to fruition. Her interactions with a number of organizations and individuals have led her to believe, that like her, many believe in the meaningfulness of this dream and will be willing to join her with their donations, in whatever form to make it come true. She is more than grateful to all for these signs of encouragement that have spurred her on.

        Implementation strategies are therefore set up to allow all willing Donor and Partner Organizations, as well as  and Individuals to come in  and participate, within the context of the project programme to MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE.


The entire centre has been conceived and designed as a set of buildings that harmonize as one complex  but can be built as separate entities.


-          The Bill of Quantities and Cost Estimates for quantities and cost have been done separately in order to enable potential donors or sponsors choose freely  how they want to participate.

 -         Donors will  have the opportunity of naming buildings or features as a sign of recognition for their contribution to the project.

-          The buildings can be built progressively.


-          A monitoring building committee will be set up to manage the building operations.

-         Maximum effort will be deployed to ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability at all levels of the project.



Description FUNCTION


SW 1 Site Works: Earthworks Preparatory works  
SW 2 Site Works:  Potable Water Services  
SW 3 Site Works: Electricity Services  
SW 4 Site Works: Roads and Drainage Vehicular circulation and run off  drainage  
SW 5 Site Works: Landscaping Pedestrian circulation, masonry retaining walls and  greenery  
A Combined Services Block Kitchen, Dining, laundry, Residence  
B Octagon Hall Social, Media, Entertainment, Massage, and Exercice  
C Administration Offices, Library, Internet, Day Consultation, and Resident Manager.  
D Residential Block 1  Two Storey Single Rooms Accommodation  Block for 24 plus 4 Service Centres  
D’ Residential Block 2 Three Storey Single Rooms  Accommodation  Block for 36 plus 8 Service Centres  
E Residential Block 3 Two Storey Double  and Single Rooms Accommodation  Block for 12  
E’ Residential Block 4 Three Double  Rooms Accommodation  Block for 20  plus common toilets on two levels  
F Residential Block 5 Two Storey Double  and Single Rooms Accommodation  Block for 12  
F’ Residential Block 6 Three Double and Single  Rooms Accommodation  Block for 16  plus 2 Medical Observation Rooms  
EQ Equipment and Furniture To enable the Centre go operational in full capacity  
G Guest Reception Centre Guest Residential  
H Multipurpose Hall Anniversary celebrations, Conferences,  Others
I Guest Reception Centre: Restaurant and Residential Extension
EQ Equipment and Furniture To enable the Centre go operational in full capacity  

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