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Mr. Peter ESOKA (President of the National Communications Council) moderator of the Event (top left), Dr. NKENG Personal Representative of the Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education pronouncing a keynote speech for the event (top right).


Mrs. Elizabeth MAKWANG MOFOR (LAFTA;s Founder) pronouncing a welcome speech for the Event (top left), Dr. ESSOH Daniel (Retired Gynaecologist) in his intervention, took the youth through his experiences, professional ethics and some health related health related malpractices (top right).


Mr. TITO Valery (Renoun Journalist and LAFTA's Event Manager) in one of his many interventions that made the event lively and worthy, Mrs. ASAH Tabitha LUM (Retired Teacher) breifing the youth on learning skills that produce results (top right). 


Mrs. AVEBE Rachel (Retired Jurist) in her intervention took the audience through her experiences and professional ethics (top left), a cross section youth during a relaxation excercise necessary for understnading (top left).


Mr. Etienne DJOUNKENG (Retired Auto Mechanic) taking the youth through his professional life, best practices and how to become the best Auto Mechanic (top left), Mrs. (Retired Nurse and Educationist) narreted  her life experiences, and educated the youths on how to chose a career (top right).


Mr. LENGA Philip NDIFOR (Retired Civil Administrator) in his intervention took youths through the challenges and best practicies in Civil Administration (top left), Mr. Alfred KWENDE (Retired Police Supretendent and Specialist in Peace Keeping Operations) took the youth through best practices and ethics linked to policing and peace keeping operation (top right).


The Representative of the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs in her intervention (top left), Mr JAH Joseph (LAFTA's Senior Resource Person) in his closesing speech advice the youth to make good use of the knowledge, wisdom and expereinces shared by the panel of professional Senior Citizens if they want to be successful (top left). 



A cross section of youths; students and Guest during an interesting question and answer session 


End of Ceremony Pictures with Guest Speakers students


End of Ceremony pictures with students brandishing their LAFTA exercise books (left) and LAFTA's Founder Mrs. Elizabeth MOFOR posing with the National Malaria Program Doctors who conduucted free malaria tests and treatment on the spot during the event.

















   Elderly Refugee women waiting for the ceremony to start  

                Assembly Ground UNHCR/Plan International project site at Camp Yeyap, Yaounde                                  Cross section of refugees waiting as others consult board for their names



                                                                  A Cross Section of Refugees waiting for the distribution ceremony to start



                Refugees waiting in the conference hall                                                   One of the oldest female refugees on the wait



A bird's eye view of some of the gifts to be distributed to Refugees.                       Cameroon Red Cross First Aiders watching over items to be distributed



                       A Community Relay Agent posing                                                           MINAS Representatives concert with UNHCR before the ceremony starts



                       A Community Relay Agent calls for order for the ceremony to start                                               UNHCR's community services Assistant, Mr Sol Mankono addressing the refegees



       LAFTA Senior Resource Person Mr Jah presenting a speech from LAFTA Founder, Madam Elizabeth Makwang Mofor, during the ceremony



Speech by the Representative of the Centre Regional Delegate of Social Affairs Madam Eboutou Hortense - representing the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS)



Sustained attention as the MINAS representative reads her speech                               MINAS - CRC - LAFTA review their notes




         Some of the LAFTA solar lamps displayed at the distribution point                         Focus on the LAFTA multipurpose solar lamps



                MINAS and LAFTA representatives demonstrating to the refugees how to use lamps                              An elderly refugee puts into practice the lesson learnt



Some of/A cross section of the recipients pose with LAFTA, CRC and MINAS with their lamps lit                            Group pose of CRC - UNHCR - MINAS - LAFTA - elderly refugee



                       LAFTA Resource Persons pose with one elderly sitted refugee                                     Some elderly recipients pose with all the partners of UNHCR (MINAS, LAFTA, CRC, Plan International)






Arrival of N.W Governor's Representative to the Ceremony Ground                             Singing of the Cameroon National Anthem


                  Regional Delegate of Public Health Bamenda; Founder of LAFTA; Representative of African Synergy, Dr Hermann                 

          Regional Delegate of Public Health Bamenda; Founder of                          Dr Hermann and the oldest LAFTA Participant at
         LAFTA; Representative of the African Synergy, Dr Hermann                         the ceremony. She’s 100years old.



                   Mama Foncha, Governor’s Representative and LAFTA Founder                                           CNPS Representative, Mr Mbock; African Synergy Rep., Dr Hermann, N.W Governor’s Rep., Mr Nji



      LAFTA Founder; Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Matilda Manjon                            CNPS Representative, Mr. Mbock



                                                                           Cross-Section of participants during Dr Hermann’s Talk on HIV/AIDS



                                                                    Some donations from The First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya



                     Social Affairs Representative intervenes during session                        N.W Regional Delegate and LAFTA beneficiaries and representatives



        N.W Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Matilda Fon Manjon, greeting participants                     CNPS Representative, Mr. Mbock delivers message of partnership between LAFTA and CNPS



                                                                      CNPS Happy Partners to LAFTA



                                                                     African Synergy Representative, Dr Hermann, delivers talk on HIV/AIDS



                                                                Distribution of food stuffs and gifts from the First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya



                                                          Distribution of food stuffs and gifts from the First Lady of Cameroon, Mrs Chantal Biya

















Women and the Youth have been long treated as the cadets of society and often marginalized in many communities around the world. The International knowledge network, More Women in Politics together with other sister organisations like Equitas from Canada, Genre en Action from France, United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), and others together met in Yaoundé on the 24th, 25th, and 26th February to advocate for more women and the youth in politics. The conference brought together 300 participants (250 national and 50 international) from about 35 countries and presided over by the Minister of External Relations, Mr Eugène Mbella Mbella.

(Above left); workshop participants in the Yaoundé Conference Centre, (above right) lafta resource person discussing with Marie-Pierre Arseneault of EQUITAS Canada.

The event took the form of workshops and panel discussions aimed at advancing women in politics worldwide; the knowledge hub acts as a one-stop shop for experts in the area of women and political participation, a platform that fosters exchange, dialogue and knowledge creation for all who are engaged in promoting women’s political participation and advancement.  Equitable participation of women in politics and government is essential for building and sustaining democracy and and an organized state.
The workshops dwelt on the following topics:
       -      Understanding strategic development guidelines in the light of equality and economic empowerment to enhance women’s leadership.
    -      Participation of women in decision making

       -      Female leadership, entrepreneurship and governance for an inclusive economic growth

       -      Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council on Women, Peace and Security

       -      Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

       -      Historical figures of women leadership

       -      Global and participatory advocacy strategy

LAFTA was represented in this international event by 2 resource persons; Mr Jah Joseph and Mr Neville A. Chia, who gathered a lot of information, about which, will evolve a series of intergenerational sensitization and education campaigns aimed at upgrading the women and the youth vis-à-vis the older people.
The resolutions taken collectively by the participants during the conference were tabled before the governements of the world so that policy makers could reflect upon them to make short term and lasting decisions geared towards equality of the sexes.

Although women comprise over 50 percent of the world’s population, women continue to be under-represented as voters, political leaders and elected officials. “Women alone account for 52 percent of the Cameroonian population, so they carry a potentially determining demographic weight that should be mobilised for a massive registration and greater participation in the electoral process,” - Dr Justine Diffo.
Quoting the ministry of territorial administration and decentralisation, ‘’… in 1982 there were 336 women in municipal councils as opposed to 1,651 today. Progress was also registered in parliament where a woman was elected for the first time in 1957. The National Assembly now has 10 women MPs out of 180.’’

However, the representation of women in political life in Cameroon has improved slightly due to the feminist advocacy and government efforts.

Against this backdrop, five partners –  International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) (link is external)Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) (link is external)National Democratic Institute (NDI) (link is external)United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) (link is external), and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) (link is external) joined forces in 2007 and created the International Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics) to advance women in politics worldwide. 

Asking people to be involved in politics is tantamount to spurring them into leadership. But we cannot promote the spirit of leadership of an individual while refusing to value their potential. It starts in the family where children’s leadership (boys and girls) is prohibited. They are taught fear and doubt instead. You cannot foster the leadership potential of a child after denigrating them their whole life. Parents should start by changing their relationships with children.
The intergenerational activity propounded by LAFTA, is a surefire tool that is being used to educate and sensitize the younger generation on good lifestyles, qualities and values that will bring about equality of the sexes and eventually a better and peaceful society.


Still in Yaoundé, LAFTA resource persons Mme Nga Marie-Thérèse and Mr Jah Joseph partook of a local educative talk forum at the Centre for Women Empowerment and the Family, Yaoundé IV - Nkoldongo. The event took place on the 02 March 2016 for an hour and a half at 1.00 p.m.

The participants were predominantly young boys ang girls accompanied by the administrative and technical staff of the Regional Delegation of Women Empowerment and the Family. The theme of the event was 'Intergenerational Dialogue with girls in prelude to the 31st International Day of the Woman due for the 08th March 2016.

Emphasis was laid on the sharing of experiences, wisdom, skills and competences with the young boys and girls. The event was a platform aimed at developing transformative strategies and perspectives on maximising the development potentials of the youth, especially the girls vis-à-vis the older people. They were equally taught useful tips on improving upon their lifestyles such as gender equality, shunning of crime and poverty and respect for the elder generation just to name a few.


At 4.00 p.m on the 2nd March, the LAFTA resource person Mr Neville A. Chia attended a preparatory meeting aimed at establishing the final program of activities for the celebration of the International Day of the Woman 2016 as organized by the Regional Delegate of Women Empowerment and the Family, Bamenda.
Various women’sorganizations and civil society groups were invited to take part in the various activities marking the celebration of the Woman’s Day.
However, one of such activities took place on the 03rd March 2016 at the Bamenda Congress Hall, where LAFTA was represented by the resource persons Mr Andrew Ntang (Sir LAFTA) and Neville A. Chia, from 2.00p.m to 3.30 p.m.

(Above left) Sir LAFTA 2015 - Mr Andrew Ntang and Neville A. Chia at the Bamenda Congress Hall, 03rd March 2016, (above right) Neville A. Chia posing as a panelist.

It was a panel discussion with 5 panelists dwelling on:

 -          Women’s Health and Maternal Mortality

 -          Women and Violence against Women

 -          Women, Decision making and Leadership

 -          Human Rights

 -          Intergenerational Transfer of Information

 Each speaker spoke for 5 minutes and then there was a quick question and answers session.

 Mr Neville A. Chia spoke on the importance and the urgency of Intergeneration Dialogue. This dialogue which can take many forms, is used as a tool to achieve the goals and objectives of emerging nations by 2035.Verbal resolutions were made.



The NGO, LAFTA partook of the youth week activities marking the 50th anniversary of the National Youth Day in Cameroon. With express authorization from the Administration of the North West Region, the NGO gave a public talk to the youth of that region on the 9th February 2016 at the Bamenda Municipal Stadium.
The intergenerational dialogue aimed at creating the space for dialogue that is necessary to develop transformative strategies and perspectives on maximizing the development potentials of the youth vis-à-vis their old folks.
LAFTA was represented by Mr Jah Joseph and the winners of the 2015 Sir and Lady LAFTA contest.

(Above left) Senior resource person, Mr Jah Joseph and (above right) Sir LAFTA - Mr Andrew Ntang engaging the youth in dialogue

The event is unprecedented and in the foreseeable future, LAFTA intends to engage governments, continental and global leaders of key institutions with key youth constituencies including university students, National Youth Councils, social justice actors, African diaspora and media among others to improve upon the link between the generations, for mutual benefit. The event is expected to galvanize these youth as they engage with older persons thus making it a truly intergenerational dialogue.
The event began at 10.00 A.M. with a concise speech from the Senior resource person Mr JAH Joseph. The youth were made to understand that the needs of today could be fulfilled without compromising the potential of tomorrow.


On behalf of LAFTA “Living Alternatives for the Ageing” we wish you all a happy 50th Anniversary of the National Youth Day whose theme is “Youth, Citizenship and the Fight Against Insecurity for the Advent of an Emergent Cameroon”. 
LAFTA is thanking the North West Administration and particularly the Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education for making it possible to commune with you today during your National Feast activities. You are all welcome. 
LAFTA is a humanitarian, non-profit and non-governmental organization whose main objective is to help improve upon the living conditions of elderly persons as they age-on, while still being useful to the younger generations.

The main aim of this encounter is to enable you to be aware of the advantages you can rip from the wisdom and accumulated experiences of elderly persons who are your parents and grandparents today.

Showing them respect, caring for them with love, making them happy and maintaining their dignity in an inclusive society, is a justifying way of showing your gratitude to them.

Do not forget that ageing is neither a curse nor an illness. Remember that today we are talking about your parents and grandparents who have sacrificed to enable you become who you are, and will grow old tomorrow by God’s grace. In the future it will be your turn.

Above, students of G.B.H.S Bamenda pose infront of the grand stand of the Bamenda municipal stadium to listen to their mentors - the older persons.

The main speakers of today will be:

1.The seventy six (76) years old Ma GRACE TOCHE who was elected MISS LAFTA and was crowned LADY LAFTA 2015 and

2.The seventy two (72) years old Pa NTANG ANDREW who was elected MISTER LAFTA and crowned SIR LAFTA 2015.

They are accompanied by their runners-up. Please clap for them. HAPPY YOUTH DAY.

After Mr Jah Joseph’s speech, the renowned Sir LAFTA, followed by Lady LAFTA, had an interesting and astounding interactive dialogue with the youth, inculcating rectitude of conduct on them. The youth asked beautiful questions and were given satisfactory responses.
The event ended at about 2.00 p.m





(Above left) Lady LAFTA 2015, Madam Grace Toche wearing the symbolic red and white LAFTA scarf, (above right) Lady LAFTA holding the traditional clay pot.

Following the much talked about event of the elections of Sir and Lady LAFTA in Bamenda on 30th September 2015, was the offering of a mass of special intention by Lady LAFTA, Madam Grace Toche at the Presbyterian church. This mass of thanks giving brought together many friends, close relatives and well-wishers of Madam Grace Toche.

Keeping it plain, she was being honoured for the achievemnt she brought to her congregation and the world at large especially through her superior ability, special effort, great courage in standing by LAFTA to defend the interests and improve upon the living conditions of the older persons in Bamenda, Cameroon and the world at large.




Wednesday November 18th 2015, marked a joyous and enriching day for older persons in the North West Region, Cameroon. LAFTA after having previously mobilized the population of that region of the country through the media and the different 'fondoms', successfully brought together hundreds of senior citizens to attend the second quarter of their sensitization meeting. The first sensitization meeting took place on 26th August 2015.

The occasion started off with welcoming of the participants by the LAFTA support staff at 7.00a.m. closely followed by the  arrival of the governor's representative and other top ranking government personalities alongside the on-the-spot digital snapshots/identification of elderly persons to become LAFTA beneficiaries.


(Above left) the LAFTA support staff welcoming the senior citizens with 'care and kindness'. (Above right) Madam Elizabeth M. Mofor accompanying the governor's rep just before the start of the event.

Due to some abrupt program adjustments, the digital registration did not get to a successful end. The exercise will be done soon.

This not withstanding the governor's representative's arrival with his entourage was handy and timely and they were traditionally ushered to their seats.


(Above left) the LAFTA founder giving a welcome speech, (above right) the governor's rep accompanied by the LAFTA founder and some older persons during the dance.


(Above left) the LAFTA founder on the dance floor with the Mezam Divisional Officer, (above right) some older persons posing with the LAFTA founder and administration.

Next, was the singing of the national anthem by the participants.

Thereafter, the 'Man of God', Reverend Pastor Wara Solomon offered a word of wisdom to all present.

The master of ceremony, Mr Bimela C, presented the LAFTA founder who made an enlightening welcome speech.

The LAFTA senior resource person, Mr Jah Joseph presented ”LADY LAFTA 2015” and “SIR LAFTA 2015” and their runners-up. Here, Sir LAFTA on behalf of his peers, addressed the participants and promised to work with LAFTA to obtain privileges for the senior citizens.

Music from a church group led by Brother Elijah brought some relief to the weary senior citizens who looked frail after patiently and painstakingly walking through life's riot. It is worth noting that his grace, skill and virtuosity enthralled the audience.

The bottle dance that immediately followed was so animating that the dance floor was full as the governor's representative danced with Lady LAFTA (Ma Grace Toche).

However, the long awaited speech from the governor's representative was heavily applauded. The participants were glad to hear the announcement of the imminent erection of the LAFTA Multi-purpose Center for Older Persons at Up Station Bamenda. The governor's representative affirmed that government was doing everything in its power to ensure the start of work on the LAFTA project site.



(Above left) the governor's rep shaking hands with Madam Anna Foncha, and (above right) Sir and Lady LAFTA with their runners up posing with the LAFTA founder and administration.


(Above left) Sir and Lady LAFTA contest winners, in traditional attires, dancing their way through the crowd of older persons (above right) the LAFTA volunteer staff posing with the LAFTA founder in the middle.

One seminar participant, Wintoh Prudencia Ngwa spoke on behalf of the older persons. She appreciated government's efforts in easing the progress of LAFTA's Construction of the Center for the Older Persons.

The distribution of toothbrushes to the older persons was followed by the dental surgeon, Doctor Clement A.B Mba's talk on dental care and mouth hygiene and he got questions which he promised to answer on a later session due to time constrains.

At about midday there was the withdrawal of government officials from the seminar site. At this time food and drinks were served to the seminar participants.

The event ended around 2.00 p.m. Here is a welcome speech presented by the LAFTA founder and number one promoter.


 Your excellency the governor of the North West Region, distinguished personalities in their various and rightful capacities, dear fathers, mothers, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of LAFTA 'Living Alternatives for the Ageing' I greet and heartily welcome you all to another sensitization seminar for our elderly persons.

As we all know, LAFTA is a humanitarian organisation with an objective to help improve, create awareness and enlighten the ageing on better ways of ameliorating their living conditions as they age-on.

Today, we will be talking about one very important health aspect - mouth hygiene. Most older persons face the problem of painful teeth, swollen gums and even some teeth falling off because of lack of adequate care. This might be as a result of food taken in which leaves residues in-between the teeth and if not well managed, may lead to other problems. We should not forget that a healthy mouth enhances a healthy living.

In a few moments, we will be having a dental surgeon who will enlighten us more on this very important issue.

Thereafter, we will be getting into other very exciting, entertaining and inspiring activities.

Let us also mention that due to your constant and enthusistic participation, the government is giving more attention to the needs of older persons, ageing-on well in our society; this is equally a major preoccupation of LAFTA.


Before we listen to the rest of the program by LAFTA senior resource person, Mr JAH Joseph, let's have a word of wisdom from Reverend Pastor Wara Solomon.

Once more I highly welcome and thank you all for coming, LAFTA wishes you a memorable day.





The Administration of the North West Region programmed the International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) that was supposed to take place on the 1st October 2015 for the 06th October 2015 at ‘Ancienne Combattant’ Old Town.


 (Above left) left to right Colonel of the Bamenda Infantry Battalion, Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, Representative of the governor of the NWR, Divisional Delegate of Social Affairs, (Above right) left to right, LAFTA resource person, Romeo Njanka, Alternate senator Regina Mundi, LAFTA resource person Rev. Memoh Caroline and Colonel of the Bamenda Infantry Battalion.

Present during the occasion were the representative of the governor of the North West Region, Alternate Alternate senator Regina Mundi, the Colonel of the 26th Bamenda Infantry Battalion, the ‘Fon’ of Bandja  village, the Regional and Divisional Delegates of Social Affairs, the representative of Ex-service Men, LAFTA resource persons  and others. The event kicked off at 10.00a.m with speeches from the governor’s representative, president of Old People’s Association and the Lord Mayor of Bamenda II City Council. The above speakers lauded the efforts LAFTA in particular was doing in the area of safe guarding the well being and interests of older persons. They promised to support the endeavours of LAFTA.

There were some entertaining games for the elderly persons to put smiles on their faces.

Finally, the much talked about Sir LAFTA and Lady LAFTA, elected during the event organized by LAFTA on the 30th September 2015 at their head office in Bamenda, addressed the public. They called for more frequent sensitization seminars and exciting events for the older persons.



Above, crowning of the winners by the representative of the governor of the NWR in the name of the head of State, His Excellency, Paul Biya.

Next, Sir LAFTA and Lady LAFTA were then crowned by the representative of the governor of the NWR, Mr. Nji in the name of the head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya. Their first and second runners up were equally crowned and the event was quite electric. They were given crowns, symbolic scarfs and big solar lamps provided by the NGO LAFTA. The winners were showered with artificial ornamental flowers as they took photos with their family members, friends and loved ones.


(Above left) Mr Jah Joseph, Alternate senator Regina Mundi and Romeo Njancka (above right) a one time Miss Cameroon next to Lady LAFTA and then Sir LAFTA.


     Above; (Left) Lady LAFTA and Sir LAFTA 2015 and (right) first runners up Sir LAFTA and LADY LAFTA 2015.


 Above; (left) 2nd runners up Sir and Lady LAFTA 2015 (right) Alternate senator Regina Mundi and Lady LAFTA 2015.




The 25th International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) that was supposed to be celebrated on the 1st October 2015 in Bamenda, was postponed to the 06th October 2015 instead. The date was pushed forward by administration due to some administrative reasons.

However, prior to the postponed event, the NGO, LAFTA, organized a valorizing event at their Bamenda head office on the 30th September in view of the IDOP.


(Above left) LAFTA resource person Madam Nga Marie Thérèse prepare the high table before the start of the event, (above right) the representative of the governor receives a standing ovation as he is being walked to his seat by the LAFTA founder.

The event started off officially with a welcome speech from the founder of the NGO Mrs. Elizabeth M. Mofor.

Its interesting how the one time Miss Cameroon got to the event and supported the newly crowned Miss LAFTA. This was an event of immense joy.

The event started at 9.00 a.m. with music popularly known as 'old timers' and the arrival of hierarchy and the registered beneficiaries of LAFTA, comprising men and women of 60 years and above. As the event plodded on, more participants (older persons) kept on registering upon their arrival. By the end of the event, more than 750 persons had registered and they all attended the  unprecedented explosive event for the aged till the end.

The governor of the NWR was represented during the event by Mr Aboubakari Haman (Chief of Cabinet at the Governor’s office) while the Senior Divisional Officer was represented by Mr. Motia Daniel. Below the founder of LAFTA leads them to their seats.


Above, Founder and coordinator of LAFTA, Madam Elizabeth M. Mofor giving the welcome speech.(above right), the representive of the governor of the North West Region, Mr Aboubakari Haman giving a talk.

Next, Madam Elizabeth M. Mofor ushered in Reverend Pastor Woyu Moses who said prayers invoking God’s tender mercies for the success of the event. Later on Pastor Foncham also added a word of prayer too.

The governor’s rep took the floor and made a concise speech where he conveyed the governor’s greetings and support for the event.

The LAFTA resource person, Mr. Jah Joseph was the master of ceremony and he introduced the guest speaker Dr Dorothy Achu Foncham, who talked to the aged with love and concern about rheumatism, possible causes, symptoms and how it can be managed.


 (Above left), Mr Jah Joseph the LAFTA resource person and Master of Ceremony, (above right) representative of the S.D.O executing a symbolic handshake with the widow of the celeberated politician John Ngu Foncha.


Above (Left) Dr Mrs Foncham Dorothy LAFTA resource person giving a talk on rheumatism, (right) the Sub Divisional Officer of Bamenda I, Bamendakwe.

Mr Jah Joseph further gave a recap of the LAFTA sensitization seminar that took place earlier on the 26th August 2015 and announced that the subsequent sensitization seminar would take place on November 2015. He reiterated that the exact date would be announced. Today the date has been fixed for the 18th November 2015. All efforts from far and near to manifest love, warmth and respect to our parents/grand parents on that day, who undoubtly remain a symbol of resistance in our society, will be appreciated.

Madam Elizabeth M. Mofor’s talk in pidgin english gained impetus as she thanked all those who contributed in cash or kind to support the event. This culminated to the distribution of solar lamps, packets of rice and bottles of mineral water as a gesture of 'care with kindness' - LAFTA's motto.


 Above (Left) Rice, Water and solar lamps about to be distributed to participants (right) some dynamic youth lending a hand in serving the older persons.


 Above (Left) the governor's rep posing with Madam Foncha in distributing water to the participants (right) Madam Elizabeth M. Mofor leading the way in distributing rice to the aged.


Above (Left) Participants joyfully brandishing their lamps as a way of showing gratitude (right) the Kendeley Construction Company truck full of provissions in support of the event.

There was then the long awaited elections of Sir LAFTA and Lady LAFTA 2015 - the elected, were Mr Ntang Andrew and Madam Grace Toche respectively. They were informed that the crowning ceremony for the winners and their runners-up was to be on the 06th October 2015 at Ancienne Combattant – Old Town, to be presided over by the governor of the NWR, Mr. Lele Adolphe Lafrique.

The winners made brief statements on behalf of the aged, lending their support to and promising the Older persons that they would walk the walk and talk the talk of the aged alongside LAFTA.

 Above (left); Mr LAFTA, Ntang Andrew and Lady LAFTA, Grace Toche giving a word to the public above (right); Left to right 2nd runners up, 1st runners up and Sir and Lady LAFTA. Please, navigate to our photo gallery for more images.

This notwithstanding, there was the distribution of 600 solar lamps and hundreds of packets of rice to the aged by LAFTA, closely followed by a catering service to all the guests.

Lastly, the media intervened with interviews as seen below.

Above, the media men interviewing the representative of the governor (left) and the LAFTA founder (right).

It is worth noting that the socials were supported by the Governor of the North West Region Mr Lele Adolphe Lafrique, former governor Fai Yengo Francis, Kendeley Construction Company Ltd, Mezam Polyclinic, Excellence Crecy Tawah of Aurora Building Materials Company Limited, Doctor Dorothy Foncham, Mama Sarah Fominyen of Sonac Street Bamenda, Nji Dickson, Brasseries du Cameroun Bamenda, Amen Pharmacy, Awa and Sons ets, Grand Jeannot Travel Agency, Crystal pharmacy, Presbook Bamenda, Achims Electronics, City Chemist Pharmacy, Mba Mba Cooperative Credit Union, New Life Super Market, Simplicity Bookshop, Vilen Pharmacy, a 'Poissonerie' worker (Mr Natchebossiwo Vitalice) and lots of prayers and kind responses from far and near. The details of donations were announced during the event.

The event ended in the afternoon at about 3.00 p.m.

 Welcome Speech presented by Madam Elizabeth M. Mofor, founder of LAFTA on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th International Day of Older Persons on the 30th September 2015.

 Distinguished hierarchy, parents, sisters and brothers, you are all welcome to the LAFTA head office in Bamenda.

On the 4th December 1990 the United Nations General assembly designated 1st October the International Day of Older Persons.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment’. Coincidentally, it ties in with one of our objectives which will be realized progressively in the LAFTA multi-purpose Centre. The raison d’etre for this center is to overcome the discrimination and social exclusion of the aged.

For today, we have put together an interesting package for you which is in prelude to the celebration of the International Day of Older Perdons.

You can stay abreast with LAFTA activities by visiting our website at

Recall that the next LAFTA quarterly sensitization seminar takes place in November 2015. The exact date will be announced.

Before we continue with the program for today, let us have a word of prayer from Reverend Pastor Woyu Moses.




August 26th 2015 marked a great day for the NGO, LAFTA that recently encouraged the elderly to stay warm and combat loneliness, as reported by Cameroun Tribune of Tuesday 01, September 2015. Senior Citizens or elderly people in the North West Region of Cameroon on August 26th, 2015, took time off to count their blessings, as the message of care, kindness and hope was being promised them by Living Alternatives for the Ageing (LAFTA).

The event was a sensitization seminar to lay down the blueprint that will serve as a source of enhancement for the living conditions of the ever-increasing population of senior citizens made up mostly of the elderly and or retired persons. As a matter of fact the founding president of LAFTA, Madame Elisabeth Makwang Mofor, travelled to Bamenda for the seminar and imparted lessons there, that inspired hope for the betterment of the elderly generation.

The ceremony took place at the LAFTA head office in the neighbourhood of Nkwen, Bamenda, North West Region. The experts present, lectured and counselled the seminar participants to improve upon the psycho-social quality of life for the elderly. The event also featured lessons on physical exercises, pathologies linked with ageing, practical tips in sustaining the ageing, networking and platforms for the elderly.

The event was all about improving on the living alternatives for the ageing.


 An exclusive interview between Elisbeth M. Mofor, founder and co-ordinator of Living Alternatives for the Ageing and reporter Choves Loh of the Cameroun Tribune.

Question What inspired the creation of LAFTA?
Answer What has become an alternative for all at old age is traced to my mother whose old age situation was an issue. Irrespective of all that her children did to keep her happy, she was still lonely. Her old age, plus capacity and memory deterioration, did not help the situation. That is what inspired me into prayers and meditation to emerge with Living Alternatives for the Ageing, LAFTA.

It is a meet up arena to inspire people on retirement. The elderly are respected citizens who need to interact and make new friends, get involved in inclusive activities that can promote their wellbeing and preserve their dignity. Old age is a natural process that eventually catches up with everyone, therefore we need to enjoy and march out of it with our flags high up.

Question What has LAFTA achieved since creation?

Answer LAFTA was created in 2010 and recognised by the Ministry of Social Affairs. It was later lifted to the status of a non-governmental organisation, NGO, in 2013 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration. It is all about offering humanitarian services to senior citizens. So far, LAFTA has been on the field with sensitization. Its is a new concept in Cameroon, quite different from the western experience where old people's homes and hospices offer less options vis-à-vis LAFTA. 

LAFTA's approach is unique and innovative, that is why we are still carrying out sensitization. We have already identified some sites for the construction of Pilot Centres for the Ageing in the North West Region. We have a website that is up and running, a co-ordination office in Yaoundé and a head office building in Bamenda.

Question What is the purpose of the Pilot Centre?

Answer The promotion and protection of the wellbeing of elderly persons is the centerpiece of LAFTA's activities. The pilot centre will be a day care centre with boarding facilities as the case may arise, for older persons of 60 years and above without any discrimination. Care with kindness is our watchwords.

The centre is expected to have experts to offer diverse and sustainable services and activities suited to the needs and capacities of the old people that we consider to be very respectable in our society. It is to help them to be active, jolly and useful because most of them do not have such opportunities at home.

Together in the centre, they will be guided to pass on wisdom and accumulated experiences through organised intergenerational activities, and undoubtedly show forth strength in their respective capacities. What is important is making elderly people feel useful, respected and happy.


Question Are there any specific challenges in managing old people?

Answer Old people represent a symbol of resistance in every society. It requires a lot of patience managing them because of their reduced level of memory and capacity . They need more attention, love, warmth, respect and affection. They can be very appreciative when you recognise their importance in society.

Unfortunately, some young people do not care about them. We must not forget that old age is the way-out for eveybody. That is why LAFTA has committed to help restore their dignity and privileges. Many of them are forced out of their comfort zones to commit to activities that would have been done by others. This extra effort is not proper in old age.




 (Above left) Madame Elisabeth M. MOFOR, Founder and co-ordinator of the NGO, LAFTA, giving the opening and welcome speech during the occasion, (above right) the older people listening attentively to the LAFTA resource person Mr Jah Joseph.


Mr Kwende Cliff CHECK(above left), a resource person from the Regional Delegation of Social Affairs Bamenda giving a talk and counselling on improving the psychosocial quality of life of the elderly during the seminar. Madame Ndifor Margaret KWEH(above right), a resource person representing the Regional Delegation of Sports and Physical Education, North West giving a talk on the importance of physical exercises for elderly persons.


Doctor Ndo Akono (above left) together with his assistant Senior Nurse Achidi Zacheaus on the right, representing the North West Regional Delegation of Public Health giving a talk on ''Pathologies linked with ageing''. Madame Esther Nyindem (above right), a LAFTA resource expert giving a talk on tips on ageing on well during the seminar.


 Above (Left) Senior Nurse Achidi Zacheaus giving a talk on pathologies linked with ageing (right) Mr Joseph W. JAH, a LAFTA resource person giving a talk on the importance of a network platform for elderly persons in the North West Region plus the importance and the functioning of the multipurpose centre for the elderly people in a bid to overcome loneliness.


 Seminar Partcipants (above left) queuing at the entrance to LAFTA seminar hall in Bamenda. Seminar participants (above right) undergoing registration formalities before the start of the occasion.


Seminar participants (above left) listening to public talks from the guest speakers during the seminar. (Above right) from left to right, Mr Joseph W. Jah, Madame Elisabeth Makwang Mofor, a seminar participant, the economic and social adviser to the governor of the North West Region (Mr Nji), Mr Achidi Zacheaus and the Second Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam Division (Mr Motia Daniel). Probably they are chit chatting outside the conference hall on some of the salient points thrashed during the seminar.


(Above left) Journalists interviewing the seminar participant, Alternate senator Mrs Regina Mundi, (above right the founder and administration at the end of the seminar.



My dear sisters, brothers and parents. I am called Elisabeth Makwang Mofor. On behalf of LAFTA (Living Alternatives for the Ageing), N.G.O, I welcome you all to its head office.

You remember that some months ago, the Minister of Social Affairs was in Bamenda at Up-Station to lay the foundation stone of this innovative project.

LAFTA is simply a meet up place, a multipurpose center where as we all age-on, we can come together to love, to feel WARMTH and to be HAPPY, thereby combatting loneliness.

While waiting for the LAFTA Pilot Centre to be put together, sensitization on better living for the ageing continues.

Today we will simply be having a friendly conversation on how to make the senior citizens in our community gleam with warmth, respect, dignity and wellbeing.

I seize this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to them and to the administration for authorising this gathering.

Also especially to you all our truely respected citizens present here today.

I cannot conclude these words of welcome without informing you that after this launch, we shall be having quarterly sessions throughout the year and you are always invited.

The former North West Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, Mr Joseph W. Jah, will now lead us through the rest of the program.

Before that, let's have an opening prayer from Alternate senator Mrs Mundi Regina whom we are pleased to have amongst us today.



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