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Due to the prevailing circumstances in the North 

West Region where LAFTA’s Multipurpose Center is under 



LAFTA continues with its activities, except its trialing trimestral events with the ageing

that use to give them great joy and relaxation.


• LAFTA in its quest to raise funds to enable her continue with the construction has

indulgedinto industrial scale agriculture involving the cultivation and transformation of

cassava as well as the cultivation and marketing of maize.


• This activity falls in line with LAFTA’s intergenerational objective of enabling the

retired and young people to work side by side depending on their different skills

in farming and the operation of a transformation mill that will be implanted hopefully

at the Bamenda Industrial Zone.


LAFTA intensifies its search for financing, funding and viable partners who will eventually

enable its expansion to other Regions, Divisions and Sub-Divisions in Cameroon.


• LAFTA recently signed a convention with PIDMA (Projet d’Investissement et de

Developpement des Marches Agricole) , as anow some seeds and fertilizers have

been delivered to catch up with the 2018 farming season.



Some bags of seed and fertilizer delivered to LAFTA by PIDMA


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LAFTA heartly thanks the Ministry of Planning and

Regional Development through the Bamenda I Council for the

5 000 000 FCFA that enabled LAFTA to acquire some cement

blocks for the continuation of the construction of the

LAFTA Multipurpose Center.


We are therefore looking forward to goodwill individuals or

organizations who trust in the LAFTA Vision,

Cameroon’s futuristic project for the retired and elderly.










(LAFTA) LIVING ALTERNATIVES FOR THE AGEING NGO is organizing in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education and other partners an innovative event for the youth. It is an intergrenerational dialogue with senior citizens, this is in prelude to the 51st Youth Day Celebrations on 11th February 2017

  • VENUE:    Multipurpose Sports Complex - Yaounde (Salle 500 place)


  • DATE :      Thursday 9th February 2017


  • TIME:        12:00 noon - 03:00 p.m.


  • TARGET POPULATION:  Young Cameroonians


  • GUEST SPEAKERS:  Senior Citizen teachers, administrators, managers, jurists, enginneers  and medical experts.


  • OBJECTIVE: To fortify the youth with good values, experiences, wisdom and excellent reflection skills during emergency situations, in a story telling setting. 


There Shall be:

Free malaria screening with free treatment

Free didactic material/drinks/animation

Free knowledge - knowledge - knowledge  


Tons of appreciations to LAFTA's supporters, sympathizers, sponsors and partners,  

PMUC, Cameroon Red Cross, African Synergy, the National Malaria Control

Program, CRTV, CNPS, Ministerial Departments involved, LAFTA coordination

staff and our mentor Mr. Peter ESSOKA.











Organization of third (3rd) LAFTA Ngo sensitization seminar for elderly persons in the North West Region of Cameroon on 30th March 2016




The 11th February 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Youth Day in Cameroon. The title of this year’s National Youth Day is ‘Youth, Citizenship and the Fight against Insecurity for the advent of an emergent Cameroon.

The NGO LAFTA has prepared a rich package, ‘Intergenerational dialogue’ for the Youth due to take place on the 9th February 2016 at the Bamenda Municipal Stadium.

The time for the encounter is 10.45 a.m. to 12.45p.m

LAFTA herby thanks the North West Administration and particularly the Regional Delegate of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, for making it possible to commune with the Youth during this Year’s National Youth Week activities.





The daily journal Cameroon Tribune is a product of SOPECAM, one of the partners of LAFTA. They published an enthralling article on their 1st December 2015 article that bore the above caption.

Keeping it plain, they reiterated that on the strength of instructions from the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD), the administration of the NWR has committed to ensure that work resumes on the delayed construction of the Old People's Pilot Day-Care Home, initiated by LAFTA charity 2013. This message was conveyed by Mr Monono Wolua, permanent secretary at the governor's office Bamenda, to the older people of the NWR during a sensitization seminar organized by LAFTA on 18th November 2015.

He actually stressed the preparedness of government to stay by LAFTA for the graceful ageing of Cameroonians.






TIME : 07H00 - 12H00


07H00 a.m - 09H00 a.m   - Arrivals/on-the-spot digital snap shots/identification of elderly persons to become LAFTA beneficiaries

09H00 a.m                          - Arrival of H.E. the Governor of the N.W. Region

                                             - Singing of the National Anthem

                                             - Opening prayers by Rev. Pastor Wara

                                             - A word of welcome by the founder of LAFTA

                                             - Music from church group

                                             - Presentation of Lady LAFTA 2015, Sir LAFTA 2015 and their runners up

                                             - A word from each of them

                                             - Minutes of the 1st sensitization seminar of 26th August 2015

                                             - Restitution of the come-together of 30th September 2015 in prelude to the celebration of the 25th edition of the  

                                               International Day of Older Persons on the 1st October 2015

                                             - Highlights of the celebration of the International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) proper on the 06th October 2015

                                             - A word from each of them

                                             - Governor's speech

                                             - A word of appreciation by LAFTA seminar participants

                                             - Group photographs and the governor's departure

11.00 a.m                 - Highlights of previous LAFTA events

                                             - Educative talk/demonstration on 'Dental care and mouth hygiene' by Dr AB Mba, Dental surgeon

                                             - Distribution of LAFTA tooth brushes and other LAFTA gadgets to the older persons of the NWR

                                             - Closing remarks

12H00 a.m                - Refreshments and entertainment

                                  - End of seminar

                                             - Departure




Cameroon Tribune N° 10 /41st Yea957/7156r/Tuesday 27th October 2015 published a captivating and concise article about the event organised and hosted by LAFTA on the 30th October 2015 in Bamenda in prelude to the International Day of Older Persons.

The title of the article is Bamenda - Shelter, Healthcare Pre-occupy Elderly People. In this article we must re-iterate that the Winner of the position of Lady LAFTA 2015 was Madame Grace Toche while her first runner up was Madam Ngelah Justine. Here is the official website of the Cameroon Tribune for any other details concerning the coverage of the event on the 30th October 2015 at




On the 14th December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly (by resolution 45/106) designated 1st October the International Day of Older Persons.

The theme for this year's celebration is; ''Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment''

"Older persons make wide-ranging contributions to economic and social development. However, discrimination and social exclusion persist. We must overcome this bias in order to ensure a socially and economically active, secure and healthy ageing population."

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon.

Below is a flyer announcing to the entire world that LAFTA, NGO is convening a valorising occasion on the 30th September 2015, which is only preliminary to the international day of older persons celebrated on the 1st October 2015.

The public is hereby invited to attend this grandiose occasion meanwhile potential supporters of the event are equally solicited and are welcome. Economic operators who chose to support the event will be free to advertise their businesses or products during this event. For more information contact Tel: 676 382 301 and  677 034 568.

The Winners of the contest below, shall alongside their runners-up, be crowned and rewarded during the official ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons in Bamenda, North West Region on 1st October 2015.




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