Caring With Kindness

Improving quality of life for the ageing in Cameroon and Beyond

What is LAFTA?

Living Alternatives For The Ageing
LAFTA is a platform which brings senior citizens together within a multipurpose center, for the objective of interaction, networking, and socializing in order to improve quality of daily living
The elderly hold special positions and play important roles in many African Societies; they are regarded as the custodian of traditional knowledge including customs, norms, and spirituality. The younger generation, especially their children, are expected to provide adequate care and look after their general wellbeing at old age when they can no longer work to support themselves. 


Given today’s demands, we’ve shifted to a society that pulls away from our parents and grandparents in order to push toward independence. LAFTA bridges the gap between our cherished traditions and current lifestyle, providing a loving environment for your loved one to thrive and live with dignity.


is to improve the quality of life for the ageing in Cameroon and beyond by increasing their access to specialized health services, leisure and economic opportunities based on the reality that someone is never too old to have a new dream , or too old to set a goal and achieve it.

our Vision

is of a society where the elderly are able to make invaluable contributions to our socio-economic development, as we are focused on bringing our centers closer to the Cameroonian people, the Central African sub-region and the African continent at large.

our Motivation

With the wind of evolution blowing so rapidly across the world, there is an urgent need for people in  Cameroon, in the sub region, and the African  continent at large to reorganize family  settings in order to focus more on  production without the guilt of abandoning parents. By so doing, Cameroon and the continent will become more and more industrialized in an increasingly competitive world.


Making a difference
with our future partners