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Learn about the past, present and future of LAFTA

our founder

Elisabeth M. Mofor

Elisabeth is a proud citizen of the beautiful country of Cameroon. Her diverse education, both within country and abroad, has equipped her with the necessary skills to build multiple successful businesses within Cameroon. Her compassion for the elderly, together with her lengthy experience in real estate, has enabled her to develop this heartwarming concept; bringing purpose and joy-of-life back to the ageing, all while facilitating inter-generational transfer of culture and education. Inspired by her late mother, and driven by her passion for empowering the elderly, Elisabeth is motivated to the success of LAFTA.


LAFTA is a humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the elderly so that they can contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.

Our Mission

Is to improve the quality of life for the ageing in Cameroon by increasing their access to specialized health services, leisure, business, and economic opportunities. No one is ever too old to still have a new dream or too old to set a goal and achieve it.

Our Vision

A society where elderly persons are able to make valuable contributions to socioeconomic development, by bringing access to our facilities to the Cameroonian people.

Our Motivation

With the wind of evolution blowing so rapidly across the world, there is an urgent need for change to reorganize the family structure for people in Cameroon, and the African continent at large. Young people and families want to be able to focus on the family unit without having to feel guilty about abandoning parents.

Our values


We adapt to the needs of the elderly to sustainable and practical solutions


Our commitment to the well-being and security of the elderly remains unwavering under any circumstance

Friendliness and Selflessness

Kindness and willingness to give back to our elderly will increase quality of life

Care with Kindness

We consider it a privilege to serve the older persons in our society and we shall always care for them with  kindness

Innovation and Creativity

We are always thinking of better ways to do things, to create greater impact end of life quality of life


Our respect and patience towards the elderly is key to making good use of the knowledge and wisdom they have incubated throughout their lives


We hold ourselves accountable to each other, to our beneficiaries, sponsors, partners and to all of our stakeholders in our procedures and actions


At all moments we shall individually and as an organization strive to be transparent in our activities and relationships.

caring with kindness

B,P, 7179
    Yaounde – Cameroon
     P.O. Box 5191
    Nkwen | Bamenda | Cameroon

+237 699944457

Fax : +237 222 21 86 81; +237 222 21 87 43