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Details about how this dream will become a reality.

We take pride in serving our loved ones. Here are a few things you can expect from us:

– The preservation of healthy living through the provision of adequate and appropriate eating habits.

– Integration of exercise, social occupation and leisure activities

– Immediate access to good geriatric healthcare and sanitation

– Facilitation of constant contact with family and friends

– Prompt attention and follow up of specific problems requiring assistance on regular basis

– Provide the forum and opportunity for the community to benefit from the plethora of cultural knowledge and wisdom of the elderly

– Recruit and train people with the vision and calling to look after the elderly

– Provide, on the basis of need and charity, care for those in society who reach this age bracket, need special care, but lack access to it

– An exciting and mutually beneficial entertainment center and environment specially tailored to the elderly

– Organization and management of special leisure tours outside the center for the elderly

– A geriatric social care program with the objective to constantly identify special individual needs of the elderly and design appropriate solutions for their follow up

The Guest Reception Center (GCR) will be the interface between the SCC and the outside world. It will be home to events related to the SCC facility. The GRC encourages inter-generational activities while maintaining rich African culture. 

– Celebration of anniversaries, and memorials in honor of present and past Senior Citizens, Senior Citizens’ Day, etc.

– Celebration of other events of a public nature: marriages, graduations, Book launches, Lectures, Conferences, etc. and
– Other public events.

Art exhibitions, Musical shows, Cultural, Drama and Theatrical presentations, etc.

LAFTA will provide an opportunity to show gratitude and love for the ageing. This will preserve their dignity, making them still feel useful to the society. 

Founder, Elizabeth M. Mofor, has poured her dedication into this project through personal and business ventures. Infrastructure is established to allow donors and business partners, as well as individuals to participate in the growth and building of this venture. 

The facility has been designed to harmonize as one complex but built as separate entities.

– The cost estimates have been done to enable potential donors and sponsors to choose how and what level they want to participate

– Donors will have the opportunity to name buildings and/or features as a sign of recognition for their contribution to the project

– The buildings will be built progressively as funding allows

– A building committee will be set up to monitor and manage building operations

– Efficiency, transparency and accountability will be available at all levels of the project

The SCC intends to bridge the gap between the elderly and their families by taking part of the responsibility off their shoulders by providing end of life care under the relation’s sponsorship or other charitable donations. 

In order to preserve the spirit that derives from the familiar love of a parent, the GRC will provide culturally based programs. Also, in order to encourage family and friends to visit with their loved ones as often as they can find time for,  a comfortable, on-site hotel facility will be available.

The design is compromised of three levels linked by ramps. This will link the entire complex through corridors, open halls, and terraces all within a large courtyard.  At the center of the courtyard is an octagon shaped center; a tribute to eighty, the age of accomplishment. Other facilities, including but not limited to, the restaurant, library, conference room and infirmary are located in the middle floor.

The semi-basement level and the first floor will be reserved for those members of the community with limited mobility. 

Please continue to check on the Give Back section of our website for opportunities on how you can support LAFTA. 

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